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Terms and Conditions

NOUVA S. de R.L. de C.V., as well as its members and auxiliaries (aggregately, "NOUVA"), are satisfied to give to you their support, applications, material, items and advisory service ("NOUVA SERVICE"), which might be marked as NOUVA or another brand claimed or authorized by LA NOUVA S. de R.L. de C.V.

Please read below:

These terms oversee your utilization and our arrangement of the NOUVA services on which these terms are posted, just as NOUVA services we make accessible on outsider locales and stages if these terms are unveiled to you regarding your utilization of NOUVA Services. It would be ideal if you READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING NOUVA SERVICES. BY USING NOUVA SERVICES YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS.



  • This is an agreement (1) among you and La Nouva S. de R.L. de C.V., as a Honduran company at Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America, or (2) among you and any unique specialist co-op recognized for a specific La Nouva S. de R.L. de C.V. Administration.

  • You should peruse and consent to these terms (the "Understanding") before utilizing Nouva Services. In the event that you don't concur, you may not utilize Nouva Services. These terms depict the constrained premise on which Nouva Services are made accessible to you and override earlier understandings or courses of action.

  • Supplemental terms and conditions may apply to some Nouva Service, for example, rules for a specific rivalry, content, programming, application, administration or other action, or terms that may go with specific domains, substance, items or programming available through the Nouva Services. On the off chance that material, such supplemental terms and conditions will be unveiled to you regarding such rivalry, content, item, programming, application, administration, or movement. Any supplemental terms and conditions are notwithstanding these terms and, in case of a contention, the supplemental terms will beat these terms. In the event that you don't consent to the supplemental terms and conditions uncovered, you should not utilize the pertinent Nouva services.

  • We may change these terms whenever. Any such revision will be viable thirty (30) days following either our dispatch of notification to you or our posting of the corrected terms. You are liable for occasionally checking on the terms for updates and revisions. By proceeding to utilize Nouva Services you will be esteemed to have consented to and acknowledged any corrections. In the event that you don't consent to any change to these terms, you should suspend utilizing Nouva Services. Our client assistance agents are not approved to adjust any arrangement of these terms, either verbally or recorded as a hard copy. 

  • We may promptly end this agreement regarding you (counting your entrance to La Nouva Services) in the event that you neglect to follow any arrangement of these terms.


  • Nouva Services are for your own, noncommercial if not specified it was delivered by Nouva and are expected for enlightening and amusement purposes as it were. They don't establish lawful, monetary, expert, clinical or human services guidance or finding and can't be utilized for such purposes. To help smooth the activity of Nouva Services across wide geographic territories, parts of specific exercises, for example, gameplay, might be mimicked to maintain a strategic distance from delays.
    Nouva Services are our copyrighted property or the copyrighted property of our licensors or licensees and all trademarks, administration marks, exchange names, exchange dress, and other protected innovation rights in Nouva Services are claimed by us or our licensors or licensees. With the exception of as we explicitly concur recorded as a hard copy, no component of Nouva Services might be utilized or abused in any capacity other than as a component of Nouva Services offered to you. You may possess the physical media on which components of Nouva Services are conveyed to you, however, we hold full and complete responsibility for Nouva Services. We don't move the title to any part of Nouva Services to you.

  • Changes to Nouva Services
    Nouva Services are continually advancing and will change after some time. On the off chance that we roll out a material improvement to Nouva Services, we will provide sensible notification through our website as portrayed above and you will be qualified to end this agreement tentatively by utilizing Nouva Administrations.

  • Third-Party Services and Content
    Nouva Services may incorporate, be coordinated into, or be furnished regarding outsider administrations and content. We don't control those outsider administrations and content. You should peruse the terms of utilization understandings and protection approaches that apply to such outsider administrations and content.
    On the off chance that you get to a Nouva Service utilizing an Apple iOS, Android, or Microsoft Windows-fueled gadget or Microsoft Xbox One, Apple Inc., Google, Inc., or then again Microsoft Partnership, separately, will be an outsider recipient to this agreement. Nonetheless, these outsider recipients are not involved with this agreement and are not liable for the arrangement or backing of Nouva Services. You concur that your entrance to Nouva Services utilizing these gadgets additionally will be dependent upon the utilization terms set out in the relevant outsider recipient's terms of service.

  • Disclaimers and Limitations on Liability
    NOUVA SERVICE ARE GIVEN "With no guarantees" AND "AS Accessible." WE
    SET OUT IN THESE TERMS TO THE FURTHEST REACHES ALLOWED BY PERTINENT LAW. FOR HELP, IT WOULD BE IDEAL IF YOU ALLUDE TO THE ASSISTANCE SEGMENT OF THE MATERIAL NOUVA SERVICE FOR HELP IF DIGITAL CONTENT PROVIDED BY MEANS OF A NOUVA SERVICE ISN'T WORKING APPROPRIATELY. We won't be obligated for harm that could have been kept away from by following our recommendation to apply an update offered to you for nothing out of pocket or for harm that was brought about by you neglecting to effectively adhere to establishment directions or to have set up the base framework necessities exhorted by us. We will not be at risk for postponement or disappointment in execution for causes outside our ability to control or whatever other harm doesn't result from a break of our commitment.
    We are not at risk for business misfortunes. We just inventory the content for private use. On the off chance that you utilize the content for any business, business, or re-deal reason we will have no obligation to you for any loss of benefit, loss of business, business interference, or loss of business opportunity.
    WE ARE NOT ANSWERABLE FOR ANY ABSENCE OF USEFULNESS OR INABILITY TO GIVE ANY PIECE OF NOUVA SERVICE, OR ANY LOSS OF CONTENT OR INFORMATION THAT IS BECAUSE OF: YOUR Hardware, Gadgets, Working Framework OR Web Association, YOUR Inability to Consent to Determined Similarity Necessities OR the Outcomes OF YOU CHANGING YOUR Gear, Gadget, Working Framework OR Web Association.

  • Mobile Networks
    At the point when you get to Nouva Services through a portable system, your system or wandering supplier's informing, information and different rates and charges will apply. Downloading, introducing, or utilizing certain Nouva Services might be disallowed or limited by your system supplier, and not all Nouva Services may work with your system supplier or gadget.

  • Affiliate Advertising Programs
    Nouva is a member of associate promoting programs intended to give a way to locales to win publicizing charges by promoting and connecting to outsider retail destinations.

  • Additional Restrictions on Use of Nouva Services
    We don't permit the employment of Nouva Services that are business or business-related, that promote or offer to sell items or services (regardless of whether for benefit), or that request others (counting sales for commitments or gifts). You consent not to intentionally or wildly present a digital infection or another destructive part or in any case mess with, weaken, or harm any Nouva Service or associated arrange or meddle with any individual or content's utilization or happiness regarding any Nouva Service. You make a deal to avoid utilizing any product or content that permits ongoing interaction, facilitated interactivity, or other control of ongoing interaction or game customer and you make a deal to avoid cheating or in any case, change a Nouva Service or game understanding to make a bit of leeway for one client over another. Also, you make a deal to avoid getting to, screen or duplicate, or grant someone else or content to access, screen or duplicate, any component of Nouva Services utilizing a robot, internet searcher, "insect," "scrubber," or other methods or procedure without our express composed authorization.

  • Content License
    On the off chance that a Nouva Service is arranged to empower the utilization of content, digital material, virtual things, or different materials claimed or authorized by us, we award you a constrained, non-select, non-sublicensable, non-transferable permit to access and utilize such content, digital material, virtual thing or other material for your own, noncommercial utilize just as if it were produced by you, just for whatever length of time that every Nouva Service is made accessible, with no option to duplicate, appropriate, impart to the general population as if it were produced by you, make accessible to the general population, or change any Nouva Service in any media organization or channel presently known or from this point forward conceived (aside from as might be explicitly depicted or pondered inside Nouva Service). You may not: dodge or handicap any substantial insurance framework or advanced rights the executive's innovation utilized with any Nouva Service; decompile, figure out, dismantle, or in any case lessen any Nouva Service to a comprehensible structure; evacuate distinguishing proof, copyright, or other restrictive notification; or access or utilize any Nouva Service in an unlawful or unapproved way or in a way that proposes a relationship with our items, administrations or brands. You may not access or utilize any Nouva Service disregarding Honduran trade control and financial authorization necessities. By obtaining administrations, content, or programming through Nouva Services, you speak to and warrant that your entrance to and utilization of the administrations, content, or programming will consent to those prerequisites.



  • User Generated Content
    Nouva Services may permit you to impart, submit, transfer, or in any case make accessible content, talks, pictures, sound, video, rivalry passages, or other substance ("Client Created Content"), which might be open and visible by the general population. Access to these highlights might be liable to age limitations. You may not submit or transfer Created Content that is disparaging, bothering, compromising, narrow-minded, scornful, fierce, disgusting, foul, explicit, or in any case hostile or that hurts or can sensibly be required to hurt any individual or substance, regardless of whether such material is ensured by law.
    In many occasions, we don't guarantee proprietorship to your Client Produced Content unless defined by written; be that as it may, you award us a non-restrictive, sublicensable, permanent and eminence free overall permit under all copyrights, trademarks, licenses, exchange insider facts, protection and exposure rights and other licensed innovation rights for the full span of those rights to utilize, recreate, transmit, print, distribute, openly show, display, disseminate, redistribute, duplicate, list, remark on, alter, change, adjust, decipher, make subsidiary works dependent on, openly perform, freely impart, make accessible, and in any case endeavor such Created Content, in entire or to some extent, in all media organizations and stations presently known or in the future formulated (remembering for association with Nouva Services and on outsider locales and stages), in any number of duplicates and unbounded as to time, way and recurrence of utilization, moving along without any more notification to you, without attribution (to the degree this isn't in opposition to compulsory arrangements of pertinent law), and without the necessity of authorization from or installment to you or some other individual or element. You concur that accommodation of Produced Content doesn't build up any relationship of trust and certainty between you and us and that you have no desire for remuneration at all (aside from as might be explicitly expressed in the arrangements of Nouva Services regarding the accommodation, or emerging from it).

  • You speak to and warrant that your Created Content fits in with these terms and that you claim or have the essential rights and authorizations including, without constraint, all copyrights, music rights, and similarity rights (regarding any individual) contained in the Produced Content, without the requirement for installment to some other individual or element, to utilize, and to approve us to utilize, your Produced Content in all habits examined by these terms. You consent to reimburse and hold us and our backup and partner organizations, and every one of their particular representatives and officials, innocuous from any requests, misfortune, obligation, claims or costs (counting lawyers' charges), made against us by any outsider emerging out of or regarding our utilization of your Produced Content coming about because of your rupture of any guarantee, portrayal or another arrangement of these terms or any pertinent supplemental terms. You likewise make a deal to avoid upholding any ethical rights, subordinate rights, or comparable rights in or to the Created Content against us or our licensees, wholesalers, specialists, delegates, and other approved clients, and consent to secure a similar deal to avoid implementing from other people who may have such rights.
    To the degree that we approve you to make, post, transfer, disseminate, freely show, or openly perform Produced Content that requires the utilization of our copyrighted works, we award you a non-selective permit to make a subordinate work utilizing the explicitly referenced copyrighted fills in as required for the sole motivation behind making the materials, given that such permit will be molded upon your task to us of all rights worldwide in the work you make for the length of copyright in the Created Content, in all organizations and media known or obscure to date, including for use on Nouva Services and on outsider locales and stages. In the event that such rights are not allotted to us, your permission to make subsidiary works utilizing our copyrighted works will be invalid and void.
    We may screen, post, evacuate, adjust, store, and audit Created Substance or correspondences sent through a Nouva Service, whenever and under any conditions, including to guarantee that the Produced Substance or correspondence fits in with these terms, without earlier notice to you. We are not liable for and don't support or assure, the suppositions, perspectives, guidance, or proposals posted or sent by clients.

  • Accounts
    Some Nouva Services allow or expect you to make a record to partake or to make sure about extra advantages. You concur that any data you give and keep up is exact, current, and complete, including your contact data for sees and different interchanges from us and your installment data. You make a deal to avoid mimicking or distorting your association with any individual or substance, including utilizing someone else's username, secret word, or other record data, or someone else's name or similarity, or giving bogus subtleties to a parent or gatekeeper. You concur that we may find a way to check the precision of the data you give, including contact data for a parent or gatekeeper.
    We have received and executed an approach that accommodates the end, in fitting conditions, of the records of clients who are rehash infringers of copyright. Moreover, we may suspend or end your record and your capacity to utilize Nouva Services on the off chance that you take part in, energize, or advocate for unlawful lead or in the event that you neglect to agree to these terms or any supplemental terms.

  • Passwords and Security
    You concur that you won't share your record or record data with others. You are liable for finding a way to keep up the privacy of your username and secret word, and you are liable for all exercises under your record that you can sensibly control. You consent to quickly tell us of any unapproved utilization of your username, secret phrase, or other record data, or of some other break of security that you become mindful of including your record or

  • Nouva Services. 
    The security, respectability, and secrecy of your data are critical to us. We have actualized specialized, managerial, and physical safety efforts that are intended to shield your data from unapproved get-to, revelation, use, and change.


  • Identity of Seller
    Deals are made by Nouva or the at the hour of offer, if extraordinary. On the off chance that you have inquiries regarding your request, if you don't mind contact the representative at the location given and they will help you. Some computerized customer-facing facades on Nouva Services are worked by outsiders and, all things considered, unique or extra deal terms may apply, which you should peruse when they are introduced to you.

  • Digital Content and Virtual Items
    We may make applications, games, programming, or content accessible on Nouva Services for you to permit for a one-time expense. When buying a permit to access such material from Nouva Service, charges will be unveiled to you on Nouva Service before you complete the permit buy otherwise do not proceed with any payment. Your acquisition of a virtual thing is an installment for a constrained, non-assignable permit to access and utilize such substance or usefulness in Nouva Services with no option to imitate, appropriate, convey to general society, make accessible to people in general, or change any Nouva Service through any online media, in any media organization or channel presently known or from now on conceived (aside from as might be explicitly depicted or mulled over inside Nouva Service). Virtual things (counting characters and character names) accessible to you in Nouva Services must be utilized regarding Nouva Services where you acquired them or where they were created because of the intended use. These things are not redeemable or subject to a discount and can't be exchanged outside of Nouva Services for cash or different things for esteem. We may alter or suspend virtual things whenever.

  • Subscriptions
    Some Nouva Services require paid memberships to get to. By pursuing a membership, you concurred that your membership will be consequently recharged and, except if you drop your membership, you approved us to charge your installment strategy for the reestablishment term. The time of auto establishment will be equivalent to your underlying membership period except if in any case unveiled to you at the hour of the offer. The restoration rate will be close to the rate for the promptly earlier membership time frame, barring any limited time and markdown valuing, except if we advise you of a rate change preceding your auto-reestablishment, in which case you will reserve the option to drop the recharging of your membership. Occasionally, we may offer free preliminary membership for a Nouva Service. In the event that you register for free preliminary membership, we will start to charge your record when the free preliminary membership terminates, except if you drop your membership before that time.

  • At the point when you buy into a Nouva Service (other than semi-yearly and yearly memberships), you reserve the privilege to drop your agreement within fourteen (14) days from the date the exchange is finished up and you will get a full discount of the membership expense paid. For semi-yearly and yearly memberships, if notice of abrogation is gotten within the initial thirty (30) days following the main day of beginning charging, you will get a discount on the membership expense paid. On the off chance that we discount your membership expense, you will at present be committed to paying different charges brought about by you over the span of utilizing Nouva Service preceding the date of scratch-off. In the event that you pay an intermittent membership charge for a Nouva Service, we will furnish you with sensible notification of changes to the expenses or charging techniques and you will have the option to drop your membership preceding such change.
    The Order Process
    You will have the chance to audit and affirm your request, including conveyance address (if relevant), installment technique, and item subtleties. We will send you a notification when we acknowledge your request and our acknowledgment will be regarded as finished and for all reasons to have been successfully imparted to you at the time we send the notification. At such time, the agreement available to be purchased will be made and get official for both you and us. The danger of misfortune in any products or services you buy and the obligation to safeguard them goes to you when the significant service or product is digitally conveyed. We maintain whatever authority is needed to cannot drop any request preceding conveyance. A few circumstances that may bring about your request being dropped incorporate framework or typographical blunders, errors in item or valuing data or base material accessibility, decency among clients where supplies are restricted, or issues recognized by our credit or misrepresentation offices. We likewise may require extra checks or data before tolerating a request. We will get in touch with you if any bit of your request is dropped or if extra data is required to acknowledge your request.

  • Right of Cancellation: Return of Goods
    You may reserve the option to drop a request put for a Nouva Service – relying upon the idea of Nouva Service. Kindly read the accompanying data cautiously so you comprehend your privilege of crossing out. In the event that you wish to drop, you should do as such by adhering to the crossing-out directions for the specific Nouva Service. An example retraction structure is accessible here.

  • Dropping Memberships
    It would be ideal if you see the data above on the procedure for dropping memberships in our Memberships area.

  • Advanced Substance
    At the point when you buy a permit to get to advanced substances or virtual things, you will be allowed a chance to agree to delivery at the hour of procurement. By consenting to delivery, you recognize that you have lost the option to drop. Permit buy expenses paid for computerized content are non-refundable.
    Physical Merchandise
    You have the right, within fifteen (15) days from the date of your receipt of physical merchandise, to drop our agreement with you and return the products. This privilege doesn't have any significant bearing on products and services expressed by us on Nouva Services to be non-returnable, including yet not restricted to Any items with a seal, where the seal is broken, and any physical media that have been provided in fixed bundling, and Personalized things.

  • Pricing: Taxes
    We may modify the evaluation for items and administrations we offer. At the point when you submit your request, we gauge the appropriate expense and remember that gauge for the aggregate for your benefit. But to the degree required under pertinent duty tax laws, the real expense sum that will be applied to your request and charged to your installment technique depends on counts on the date of shipment, paying little mind to when the request was put.

  • International Shipping: Customs
    When requesting products or services from nations other than the nation where Nouva is found, you may need to pay import obligations and duties demanded. These and any extra charges for customs leeway must be borne by you. For products and services delivered globally, if it's not too much trouble note that any maker guarantee may not be legitimate; producer administration choices may not be accessible; manuals, guidelines and security admonitions may not be in goal nation dialects; the products and services may not be planned as per goal nation principles, determinations, and naming necessities. You are answerable for guaranteeing the products and services can be legitimately imported to the goal nation. When requesting from us, the beneficiary is the shipper of record and should follow all laws and guidelines of the goal nation.

  • Payments and Billing
    At the point when you give delivery data, you speak to and warrant that the data is precise, that you are approved to utilize the delivery strategy given, and that you will tell us of changes to the delivery data. We maintain whatever authority is needed to use outsider installment card refreshing administrations to acquire current lapse dates on Visas and charge cards.

  • Customized Products
    We maintain whatever authority is needed to deny customized orders of physical merchandise at our caution. Unseemly utilization of our personalization administration will make your request be dropped and any installment discounted.
    These scratch-off rights are isolated and notwithstanding your privileges should anything we supply to be broken.
    On the off chance that you are returning merchandise that is not defective, you might be required to pay for the expense of restoring the products to us and we may deduct a sensible sum on the off chance that you utilize the products.



  • Submissions and Unsolicited Ideas Policies
    Our long-standing organizational approach doesn't permit us to acknowledge or think about spontaneous imaginative thoughts, recommendations, or materials. Regarding anything you submit to us – regardless of whether requested by us – you concur those inventive thoughts, proposals, or different materials you submit are not being made in certainty or trust and that no secret or trustee relationship is planned or made among you and us in any capacity, and that you have no desire for a survey, remuneration or thought of any sort.

  • Claims of Copyright Infringement

  • Warnings of asserted copyright encroachment and counter-notification must be sent to our assigned specialist:
    Victor E. Ortiz
    La Nouva S. de R.L. de C.V.
    911, Satelite,
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A.
    Telephone: +504 9610-9806
    We are just ready to acknowledge sees in the dialects in which these terms are made accessible by us. We will react quickly to cases of copyright encroachment submitted utilizing Nouva Services that are accounted for to our Assigned Copyright Specialist, recognized above, as relevant, different laws. As for Nouva Services facilitated all over the world, this notification must incorporate the necessary data and depict in detail.



  • You and Nouva Company consent to parley, as given beneath, all debates between you (counting any related questions including Nouva Company or its members), that are not settled casually, aside from debates identifying with the proprietorship or implementation of protected innovation rights. "Debate" incorporates any question, activity, or another discussion, regardless of whether dependent on past, present, or future occasions, among you and us concerning Nouva Services or this Understanding, whether in contract, tort, guarantee, resolution, guideline, or another lawful or fair premise. You and Nouva company engage the judge with the restrictive power to determine any question identifying with the understanding, materialness, or enforceability of these terms or the development of this agreement, including the arbitrability of any debate and any case that all or any piece of this Understanding are void or voidable.
    I) In case of a question, you or Nouva company must send to the next gathering a notification of debate, which is a composed articulation that presents the name, address, and contact data of the gathering giving the notification, the realities offering to ascend to the contest, and the help mentioned. You should send any notification of debate to Nouva company, 911, Satelite, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A., Consideration: Legitimate. We will send any notification of questions to you at the contact data we have for you. You and Nouva Company will endeavor to determine a contest through casual arrangement within sixty (60) days from the date the notification of debate is sent. After that sixty (60) daytime span and not previously, you or we may begin an assertion continuing. You may rather prosecute a debate in little cases court if the question meets the necessities to be heard in little cases court, regardless of whether you haggled casually first. 
    II) On the off chance that you and Nouva company don't resolve a contest by casual exchange or in little cases court, the debate will be settled by restricting discretion before a nonpartisan authority whose choice will be last with the exception of a constrained right of bid. YOU ARE Surrendering THE OPTION TO CONTEST A DEBATE IN COURT Under the steady gaze of An Appointed authority OR JURY. The intervention will be regulated by JAMS Intercession. Intervention might be led face to face, through the accommodation of archives, by telephone, or on the web. Procedures that can't be led through the accommodation of reports, by telephone, or on the web, will happen in either the Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa, or Francisco Morazan, whichever is increasingly advantageous for you. 

  • You and Nouva company consent to submit to the restrictive purview of the government or state courts situated in Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, whichever is progressively advantageous for you, so as to propel intervention, to remain procedures pending mediation, or to affirm, adjust, abandon, or enter judgment on the honor entered by the referee. The authority might grant harm to you separately as a court could, including definitive or injunctive help, yet just to the degree required to fulfill your individual case.
    Aside from as given above regard to locale, nothing right now will be understood as assent by Nouva company or its associates to the ward of some other court as to debates, cases, or contentions irrelevant to Nouva Services or this Agreement.

  • Choice of Forum
    For all Nouva Services NOT provided by La Nouva S. de R.L. de C.V., the following shall apply:
    But to the degree required under relevant nearby law which necessitates that scene be in the nation of your living arrangement, you concur that any activity at law or in value emerging out of or identifying with these terms or Nouva Services that isn't dependent upon mediation will be recorded, and that setting appropriately lies, just in the state or government courts situated in Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras, C.A. and you agree and submit to the individual purview of such courts for the motivations behind contesting such activity.

  • Choice of Law
    For all Nouva Services NOT provided by La Nouva S. de R.L. de C.V., the following shall apply:
    But to the degree that material neighborhood law necessitates that the law to be applied for agreements of this sort be that of the nation of your home, these terms are represented by and translated as per the laws of the Territory of Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras, C.A., without offering impact to any contention of law standards.
    On the off chance that any arrangement of these terms will be unlawful, void, or under any conditions unenforceable, at that point that arrangement will be considered severable from these terms and will not influence the legitimacy and enforceability of any outstanding arrangements.

  • Survival
    The arrangements of these terms which by their temperament ought to endure the end of these terms will endure such end.

  • Waiver
    No waiver of any arrangement of these terms by us will be esteemed further or proceeding with a waiver of such arrangement or some other arrangement, and our inability to affirm any privilege or arrangement under these terms will not establish a waiver of such right or arrangement.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us:

Last updated: May 16, 2023

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