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MetaHumans, VR and

the Future of Business


AUGUST 22nd, 2024




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Discover How VR is
Transforming Industries

This presentation by Alex Coulombe, founder of Agile Lens: Immersive Design, promises a deep dive into the transformative potential of virtual reality (VR) across diverse industries.  Through a curated selection of recent projects, attendees will gain valuable insights into how VR can surpass traditional mediums and revolutionize design, training, social impact initiatives, sales experiences, and even live entertainment.

What You'll Learn:

1. Redefining Luxury Real Estate Sales: The Four Seasons Lake Austin project showcases VR's ability to create a luxurious 5,000-square-foot virtual showroom for a multi-billion dollar development. This eliminates geographical limitations and allows potential buyers to experience the property in an immersive and interactive way, significantly impacting presales.

2. Gamified Training with Real-World Impact:  Dell's security training program demonstrates VR's effectiveness in fostering engagement and knowledge retention. By utilizing MetaHumans, a cutting-edge technology that creates realistic human characters, and incorporating gamification elements, Agile Lens elevates training beyond traditional methods, potentially leading to a more prepared and effective workforce.

3. VR for Social Impact:  "Body of Mine" tackles the sensitive topic of gender dysphoria. This VR experience leverages MetaHumans and body-tracking technology to cultivate empathy and understanding for a wider audience. This project exemplifies VR's potential to address social issues and foster positive change.

4. Transforming Automotive Sales: Vodafone's AI-powered VR car sales experience showcases VR's ability to personalize the customer journey. By integrating generative AI, which creates realistic and dynamic content, VR can transform the way cars are sold, offering a more interactive and engaging experience compared to traditional methods.

5. VR Takes Center Stage: "A Christmas Carol VR" demonstrates the potential of VR to democratize live entertainment. This annual theatrical production, accessible through VR and featuring MetaHumans, allows for a global audience, transcending geographical limitations and fostering wider cultural engagement.

Who Should Attend:

  • Design Professionals: Architects, product designers, interior designers, and anyone interested in incorporating VR into their design workflow.

  • Marketing and Sales Specialists: Marketing managers, sales executives, and entrepreneurs seeking innovative ways to showcase products, train employees, and engage customers.

  • Technology Enthusiasts: Anyone curious about the latest advancements in VR and its potential impact on various industries.

  • Content Creators: Storytellers, filmmakers, and game developers looking for new ways to create immersive and interactive experiences.

  • Social Impact Advocates: Those interested in the potential of VR to address social issues and foster empathy.

By attending this webinar, you'll gain a deeper understanding of VR's capabilities and its potential to revolutionize the way we design, train, and connect. Through a compelling selection of projects, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how VR can revolutionize diverse industries, making it an invaluable tool for design, training, social impact initiatives, sales, and even live entertainment.

Where Imagination Takes Form: 
VR Experiences

​Agile Lens is an XR creative studio led by industry pioneer Alex Coulombe crafting immersive experiences for real and virtual worlds and the spectacles within.

​Since 2013, they have integrated immersive technologies into creative and analytical workflows to better communicate design intent and function. ​From conception to completion, they're here to help many clients tell the story of their projects like never before.


Victor E. Ortiz



Do your customers' mountains of data feel like overwhelming noise?  I help B2B and B2C companies unlock the power of Big Data by transforming it into actionable insights. Through strategic business planning, targeted sales training, and effective team development, I empower your organization to translate data into unique and profitable business ideas. My expertise encompasses high-performance strategies, corporate finance solutions, and a deep understanding of both B2B and B2C markets.



CEO at Agile Lens

Architect turned XR pioneer, crafting immersive virtual worlds and experiences. He is also the CEO of Agile Lens: Immersive Design, an award-winning NYC XR studio. Leverages emerging tech for groundbreaking creative applications. Alex has pioneered VR for architectural design and theatre productions. Notable projects include David Geffen Hall, Ghosted AR, Loveseat VR, and A Christmas Carol VR. Finally, he has established an XR thought leader, speaker, and educator (NYU Tisch, Syracuse, Epic Games).

Stephany Ortiz


Digital Animation Manager at NOUVA

From a young age, I've been enthralled by the captivating universe of art and design. It's not just a passion, it's a portal to worlds unseen, a wellspring of inspiration, and a force that empowers and enlightens others. Its boundless potential, the way it transcends borders and breathes life into stories, constantly evolves, demanding that I continuously expand my knowledge in animation and business.

I am deeply drawn to the vibrant synergy between business and innovation. I see a vast opportunity to empower small and medium-sized companies struggling to translate innovative ideas into impactful solutions. My passion lies in helping them craft these ideas to resonate with audiences, forge strong partnerships, and propel their businesses into exciting growth trajectories.

Victor Andrés Ortiz


Marketing Manager at NOUVA

Storyteller at Heart, Strategist by Mind. I live and breathe stories. They captivate me, inspire me, and fuel my passion for connecting with people. As a lifelong learner, I'm constantly seeking out new knowledge and technologies, from the latest advancements in AR/VR to the fascinating world of neuromarketing.

My strategic thinking takes those stories and breathes life into them. Whether it's crafting compelling investment strategies or developing engaging marketing campaigns, I thrive on the challenge of turning ideas into tangible results that resonate with audiences.

I'm an early adopter by nature. New tech releases are like a soccer game that cannot be missed! Understanding how these innovations can shape the way we interact with the world and craft narratives excites me to no end.


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