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Family first, even when they’re dead

An 11-minute animated comedy/action series for 5-9 years olds.

Join the thrilling escapades of a fearless young girl and her dynamic duo of best friends as they embark on exhilarating adventures! Together, they bravely navigate a world where the spirits of her great-great-grandparents come alive, teetering between chaos and order. With every twist and turn, they uncover magical portals to fantastical realms, all while outsmarting the cunning schemes of her mischievous great-great-grandaunt. Get ready for action-packed excitement, heart-pounding suspense, and a whirlwind of fantasy and fun!



  • Confidence and strength

We want kids to be inspired by Ines’s bravery and her willingness to take on new challenges. 

  • Family connections

The show has the fun veneer of action and comedy, but it’s equally fueled by its multigenerational dynamic between the young characters and their elders. Kids at home can learn how family always comes first. 

  • Central American culture

Ines the Brave has deep roots in the culture and history of Honduras. From the design of the house to the mountainous countryside, every aspect of the show is enriched with a specific Central American air. 


Character Designs

Follow each character through the entire preproduction process, from conception to execution of each character. Learn their stories and what makes each of them unique.



Ines loves nothing more than a good adventure, which she can always find in her grandparents’ house. She loves learning about her great-great-grandparents and their world, and, even though they can cause her a lot of headaches when they’re out of their paintings, she delights in keeping an eye on them. More than anything, she always lives up to her name—Ines the Brave! 

Ines The Brave


Marcela is Ines’s best friend, and the two are inseparable. She’s basically part of the family. Marcela likes to get her bearings, stop and think, or, her favorite thing, look something up in an old book. Her chill demeanor is just the perfect contrast to Ines’s fiery optimism, and the two make an unstoppable duo. 

Ines The Brave


Daniel loves his friends and family, so he’s there every day to help Ines and Marcela take care of the old ghosts. If his friends are ever really in a jam, he’ll scream (to quiet his fears) as he rushes in to help them. He can build nearly anything from go-karts to skeleton keys. Ines and Marcela would never dream of going on without him.

Ines The Brave


Maria and Antonio have lived inside their old painted portraits for well over a hundred years. But now that they’re out they’re having the times of their lives—or, deaths. They’re themselves, just better. Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Antonio, with his playful spirit and penchant for mischief, delights in entertaining the young ones with his antics and jests, all while stumbling through the intricacies of life with endearing clumsiness. Meanwhile, Great-Great-Grandma Maria exudes grace and focus, effortlessly navigating the complexities of their newfound reality. Yet amidst the laughter and trials, their souls resonate with an unparalleled depth, weaving a tapestry of wisdom, joy, and enduring love that transcends the boundaries of time itself.

Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave


Meet Don Candelo and Doña Candela, bestowed upon Maria in her youth, their essence awakening with time's gentle caress. Infused with eternal wisdom and boundless affection, they guide the children through daring exploits. Ines and her brave companions seek solace in their counsel, finding strength in their unwavering support. Despite tensions with Gertrudis, they champion righteousness, empowering the children to embrace enchantment and overcome adversity. Love and wisdom intertwine in their luminous presence, illuminating a path of hope and unity.

Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave


In the depths of their intertwined past, a sinister saga unfolds between Maria and Gertrudis, fueled by unyielding vengeance and adolescent animosity. Trapped within her cursed portrait, Gertrudis craves power and adoration, masking a heart longing for affection. Consumed by jealousy, she vows to achieve her ambitions, heedless of the havoc wrought—even if it means rupturing the delicate bond between Maria and Ines. As the drama escalates, Gertrudis's monstrous essence clashes with her fragile humanity.

Ines The Brave


Few grandparents rival the kindness of Hortensia and José. With Hortensia's nurturing touch, the kitchen is always brimming with sweet delights, while José's tales from yesteryears often offer the perfect solution to the children's dilemmas. Ever protective of Ines in her parents' absence, their love knows no bounds. But what if they were to discover the secret of their own grandparents, gliding unseen through the walls?

Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave

World Design



The house is a large hacienda-style home, with innumerable rooms—perfect for exploring. There are many passageways, and storage rooms—as well as creaky rocking chairs, and musty old books—but the most wonderful thing is its magical objects and the paintings that are portals to another world. The Fantastic World is a magical version of what Choluteca was like 200 years ago, freshly carved out of the jungle—but with the obvious addition of magical creatures, caves of wonders, and roaming monsters. 

Ines The Brave

There’s no end to adventures when you’re in an old house with the ghosts of your great-great-grandparents. From marinades to monsters—and spectacular worlds to explore inside the paintings—all kinds of adventures await Ines and her gang. Inspiring children to live with courage, friendship, and family ties in their own lives, Ines, Marcela, and Daniel provide the perfect balance of action, comedy, and heart. 

For these three—and Ines’s loopy dead family—there’s no mystery too hard, no challenge too extreme.

So come to Choluteca and see why they call her…



Executive Director

Victor E. Ortiz

Original Writer

Viviana M. Salinas

Creative Manager

 Stephany Ortiz

Contracted Story Editor

Randy Astle

Contracted 2D Character Design

 Renata Redmiski

 Ronaldo Barata

Natália Santos

Contracted 2D Character Look Development

 Simona Scaturro

Contracted 2D Environment Design

 Misael Méndez


Where wonder emerges...

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