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An 11-minute animated comedy/action series for 5-9 years olds.

Family first, even when they’re dead

A courageous girl and her two best friends fill each day with adventure and fun as they keep the ghosts of her great-great-grandparents from causing too much mayhem in the modern world and the fantasy world that opens up through magical portals, while defending themselves from her great-great-grandaunt’s conniving plots as well.


  • Confidence and strength

We want kids to be inspired by Ines’s bravery and her willingness to take on new challenges, even when they push her to the limits or she initially fails. If Ines can stick with it and do it, then all the kids watching can too!

  • Family connections

The show has the fun veneer of action and comedy, but it’s equally fueled by its multigenerational dynamic between the young characters and their elders. As Ines learns to understand and care for her great-great-grandparents, and develops her patience with great-great-grandaunt Gertrudis, kids at home can learn how family always comes first. 

  • Central American culture

Ines the Brave has deep roots in the culture and history of Honduras. From the design of the house to the mountainous countryside, every aspect of the show is enriched with a specific Central American air. 

Ines The Brave

Character Designs

Step into the world of this amazing show. Follow them through the entire preproduction process, from conception to execution of each character. Learn their stories and what makes each of them unique, while also seeing how they come together as a big huge family.



Ines loves nothing more than a good adventure, which she can always find in her grandparents’ house. She loves discovering its treasures, whether it’s a colonial silver goblet or a mysterious dark room to explore. Not only is she a daring leader for Marcela and Daniel, she’s also possibly the most conscientious granddaughter and great-great-granddaughter in the world. In fact, she loves learning about her great-great-grandparents and their world, and, even though they can cause her a lot of headaches when they’re out of their paintings, she delights in keeping an eye on them. Sometimes she can get a little ahead of herself and rush into situations before she’s had a chance to think things through properly, but her friends help her slow down and see the bigger picture. More than anything, she always lives up to her name—Ines the Brave! 

Ines The Brave


Marcela is Ines’s best friend, and the two are inseparable. She’s basically part of the family and loves spending time with Ines’s grandparents—and great-great-grandparents—just as much as Ines does. When there’s an adventure to be had Marcela’s right there, and she isn’t just a sidekick: where Ines will dash straight in, Marcela likes to get her bearings, stop and think, or, her favorite thing, look something up in an old book. She’s an ace at historical research, and her skills help the team learn about the past and make connections with the present. She’s also a little more sentimental than her friends, and will always pause to admire just how adorable an old shawl actually is. Of course, when it’s time to swing from an old roof beam, she can do that too. Her chill demeanor is just the perfect contrast to Ines’s fiery optimism, and the two make an unstoppable duo. 

Ines The Brave


Daniel never met an old dusty house he liked, and that’s especially true of his grandparents’ house. But he loves his friends and family, so he’s there every day to help Ines and Marcela take care of the old ghosts. Though he’s working to be as brave as Ines, he honestly isn’t quite there yet. But Daniel is no coward—if his friends are ever really in a jam, he’ll scream (to quiet his fears) as he rushes in to help them, probably tripping over his feet once or twice along the way. But if his body is clumsy, he’s incredible with his hands, and he can build nearly anything from go-karts to skeleton keys. Because he’s quiet, sometimes he notices something that the others have missed—like a dusty old photograph tucked behind a dresser—and Ines and Marcela would never dream of going on without him.

Ines The Brave


Maria and Antonio have lived inside their old painted portraits for well over a hundred years. But now that they’re out they’re having the times of their lives—or, deaths. They can float through walls, make spooky sounds, and all the traditional ghost stuff, but they’re not ghosts exactly. They’re themselves, just better. Great-Great-Grandpa Antonio loves to tease the children and play games, and he’s also completely distractible and capable of running off at the drop of a pin. Maybe that’s why he can’t remember where he put anything back when he was alive. He’s a joker and a klutz, always making a mess of the house without even meaning to haunt it so much. Great-Great-Grandma Maria, in contrast, can stay on task pretty well—it’s just that her tasks rarely have much to do with what the children are trying to accomplish. Since they died back in the olden days, they’re constantly fascinated by all the marvels of the modern world, like machines that make toast without even making a fire! Their enthusiasm often gets them into trouble, but they can also be quite wise—they have been around for almost two hundred years, after all. 

Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave


Don Candelo and Doña Candela were given to Maria when she was young, though they didn’t come to life until later. Today, they use their knowledge and wisdom to help guide the kids on their adventures, and Ines and her gang don’t know what they would do without them. Don Candelo and Doña Candela are the resident experts when it comes to which silver tray belongs in the china cabinet or how to travel between dimensions from painting to painting. They’ve never gotten along with Gertrudis and do all they can to help the kids understand the magic around them so that they can do what’s right and stop her plots. Though rather patient with the children, Don Candelo gets easily exasperated with the ghosts, thinking that someone in their 180s should know better than to stick their nose inside a toaster. Still, it’s hard to take too seriously a blustery piece of yellow golden candlestick who once spent twenty-four years in a shoe box, and Doña Candela’s always there to help him lighten up (in both ways). 

Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave


Something must have happened when Maria and Gertrudis were teenagers, because Gertrudis has had it out for her younger sister ever since. This was bad enough when they were alive and she wanted all the attention or the nicest dress, but now that they’re ghosts living in a magic house it’s downright dangerous! Trapped in her portrait, she longed for power, wealth, and respect. But deep down, all she desires is love. Consumed by her jealousy of her sister, she vows to achieve her goals at any cost—even if it means destroying the beautiful relationship between Maria and Ines. Now, she contemplates her next move, calculating all the steps necessary to accomplish her schemes. Though Gertrudis is not the center of the story, when she does show up Ines and her friends know it’s their top priority to figure out what she’s up to—before she creates some kind of catastrophe and their secret is out in the open! 

Ines The Brave


No grandparents are kinder than Hortensia and José, and Ines, Marcela, and Daniel love hanging out with them. Hortensia keeps the kitchen stocked, so there’s always a sweet or healthy treat waiting for them, and José always has a story about the old days ready—which sometimes provides just the clue the kids need to fix some problem! But since they’re so protective of Ines while her parents are away, who knows what they would do if they found out that their own grandparents are flying around through the walls? Would they send Ines away, get rid of the paintings or…something worse?! Thank goodness that this pair of loving elders are happy entertaining the kids and aren’t looking for evidence of paranormal activities!

Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave

World Design

The house lies inside the town of Choluteca, “La Perla del Sur”.


A picturesque hamlet where the mountains meet the sea in the south of Honduras, where Ines and her friends hang out and go to school. The town has houses, shops, a central plaza, and plenty of places for encountering danger or uncovering old mysteries. It’s a very different place today, but you can still feel its colonial roots. Plus, whenever our trio goes inside the paintings they enter a magical version of what Choluteca was like 200 years ago, freshly carved out of the jungle—but with the obvious addition of magical creatures, caves of wonders, and roaming monsters. Not exactly like going to the market in modern Choluteca, but the gang’s getting used to it.

Ines The Brave

There’s no end to adventures when you’re in an old house with the ghosts of your great-great-grandparents. From marinades to monsters—and spectacular worlds to explore inside the paintings—all kinds of adventures await Ines and her gang. Inspiring children to live with courage, friendship, and family ties in their own lives, Ines, Marcela, and Daniel provide the perfect balance of action, comedy, and heart. 

For these three—and Ines’s loopy dead family—there’s no mystery too hard, no challenge too extreme.

So come to Choluteca and see why they call her…


Ines The Brave
Ines The Brave


Executive Director

Victor E. Ortiz

Original Writer

Viviana Salinas

Chief Editor

Randy Astle

Artistic Manager

 Stephany Ortiz

2D Character Design

 Renata Redmiski

 Ronaldo Barata

Natália Santos

2D Character’s Look Development

 Simona Scaturro

2D Environment Design

 Misael Méndez

Ines The Brave

Service Spectrum

Boasts two distinctive features:

  • Firstly, the provision of masterful illustration, modeling, and texturing in the realm of 2D digital animation, needed to call upon the creativity and imagination of investors and readers.

  • Secondly, the adept steering of digital traction design and execution within the pertinent niche. This is accomplished through the meticulous crafting of strategic social media tactics, designed to awaken a broad awareness that captivates the discerning people awaiting the clarity of your pitch.

Where wonder emerges...

Creating children's TV shows and books is about more than just entertainment; it's about shaping young minds and hearts, one magical episode at a time. At NOUVA, our essence lies in the creation and nurturing of intellectual properties, a journey that seamlessly sails with the art of storytelling.

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