Find Inspiration in Every Story

NOUVA wants to develop the potential of artistic-technological communities in Latin America, by building up relationships and creating awareness of the most demanding opportunities in the creative industry. 


Storytelling! Every artist has a story, and you want to know about it.

Making these podcasts has opened our eyes to hear that artists have a voice and a story to tell; opportunities are there to be seized, not to be missed.

Our goal is to diversify and expand these stories to all those professionals who think that it is impossible to make a dream come true in the creative industry, but the truth is that we are capable of designing the life that we want, and the limits of your life would be determined only by you.


What a great way to connect with many in one single virtual space!

These Live Events are for our entire Latin American community who didn't know that there are a lot of job opportunities, internships, apprenticeships, remote work, and educational courses that can change the course of their life and so of their families.

That is why NOUVA is bringing Recruiters and Specialists from different companies and industries that are looking for talent and getting a new fit for their studio culture.