Building a team and choosing the right people is a big step to success. At NOUVA, we believe that by working together, we can create whole new perspectives, experiences, and skills to solve complex problems, by generating important solutions and ideas that can be transformed into a deeper innovation for our company.

Chief Executive
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As part of the founders since day one and with 25 years of experience in management positions he contributes to the goals across the whole company and oversees the execution of the Mission and Vision ensuring alignment with the strategy. One of his key responsibilities includes helping the team build a picture and a path toward the future that contains the development of open innovation to expand the reach of creativity for NOUVA.
Digital Animation
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She began her artistic career by completing a bachelor's degree in Digital Animation in Costa Rica and then decided to take on a huge goal, which was coming back home and putting in the work to start NOUVA. Her main focus is to lead the company as Visual effects and Digital Animation artist managing resources effectively and keeping different teams and other individual contributors on track through a clear workflow and quality standards. 
With a bachelor's degree in business administration, most of her responsibilities are a mix of planning and coordination of administrative procedures, systems, and budget evaluation, nevertheless, one key role relies on her capacity to encourage everyone else in the company to keep our feet on the ground separating the dreams from things that really make sense, and keep us working in the right direction. 
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On one side he's an enthusiastic marketer managing social media and customer engagement. But when his main role begins, slick fiction meets heart-pounding action in most of his writings, for one thing, we can be sure of at Nouva, and it is that Victor's mind will have original content creation going, and when this meets technology it will blossomed into unparalleled stories.